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Dealing with Stress

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Have you ever had one of those day you feel like you could just have pulled all or hair out! Frustrated feeling as if nothing seems to be going right or that everyone and everything has been put on earth to drive you nuts! Well I have a few tips to take a time out, and distress mentally and physically.

First, go some place quite away from as many distractions as possible. If you are at home with the kids try to go in your room and close the door, this should take about five minutes, so if you have little ones make sure they are safe before you close the door free from any hazards they can find. If you are at work see if you can get away to your car or to the bathroom. Next if you have things you need to do what I call a mental dumb. This entails of writing everything that is on your mind down so you can clear your mind. Additionally, once you start if any other thing comes to mind go ahead and write it down and then continue. Once you are in a quiet place and have done a brain dump, you can try a breathing technique in which you close your eyes and breathe long deep breaths. Visualize as you are inhaling that it is white, good clean air. Furthermore, as you exhale imagine that is all the stress and tension and that is dark and black. As you continue to do this visualize that the dark turning gray until it eventually turns white because all the tension has left.

If this doesn’t work you can also try rolling your shoulders. When people are stressed the muscles in your neck and shoulders tend to tighten. This is also why some people get tension headaches when they or stressed out frequently or over a long period of time. Another option which can be a bit costly is acupuncture or massage Therapy. Some people have also found that exercise can help reduce stress; even people who do a light walk have seen a reduction in stress.

Although, on days when we are stressed beyond belief and it seems that hiding in a hole would be the only way to survive, I recommend trying out some of these tips first. Then maybe a vacation later.

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